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  • Santoku: The Replacement for All Kitchen Knives?

    Santoku knives are increasingly popular - often featured in cutlery stores and online cutlery marketplaces.  But what makes the Santoku knife stand out? And should I be using it for all of my kitchen tasks?

    Although not all Santoku knives are made in Japan, the design is inspired by Japanese cutlery. (Santoku means having 3 “values” or purposes: chopping, dicing and mincing). The knife is a cross between a cleaver and a short chef's knife, a versatile size for many cutting tasks.

    Santoku knives are popular kitchen knives for several reasons:


    Size - With a straighter edge and shorter than a traditional chef's knife (typically either a 5” or 7” blade with a blunted sheepsfoot-tip and a thinner spine), these knives are often perceived to be easier to hold and thus better to control. Although not necessarily true, they are still very useful for efficient chopping, dicing, and mincing. In addition, a true Japanese Santoku knife is perfectly balanced and generally lighter and thinner than Western-style versions, often using superior blade materials to provide a blade with exceptional qualities of hardness along with a thinner, sharper cutting edge.

    Non-stick Quality - Most (but not all) Santoku knives feature dimples (scallop cut-outs) on each side of the blade above the edge in order to add “air” to the cutting surface, which in turn reduces resistance as the blade cuts through thick or starchy foods. ONLY if these dimples go right to the blade’s cutting edge could this feature be referred to as a Granton Edge. This is important because many knife manufacturers say their product has a Granton Edge when in fact they do not. A true Granton Edge has the dimples (scallop cut-outs) applied right to the cutting edge to give you both the keeness of a hollow ground razor coupled with the strength of an ordinary knife. The dimples make the blade sharper AND reduce drag when cutting food. While there is some truth to the fact that these dimples give the blade a non-stick quality, the real intent of the design was to allow for a much thinner cutting edge without reducing the integrity and rigidity of the blade (important to note: the blade can still be sharpened with any quality sharpening steel).

    Multiple Abilities - the length and size of a sharp Santoku blade allow you many options - you can dice, chop, mince, cut, slice... making it a go-to for home food preparation (on the Rachael Ray Show this style of knife is often referred to as her favorite go-to knife for general use in the home kitchen).

    So will Santoku Knives replace all of the other knives in my kitchen?

    No, not quite - despite its versatility and ease of use, the Santoku knife cannot chop as efficiently as the common 8” chef’s knife, cannot serrate like a bread knife, nor can it be used for flexible tasks like boning a chicken or cleaning a fish. It also cannot be used for peeling or paring, because of the thickness and depth of the blade.

    kkwga17065spHowever, the Santoku can be added to your essential kitchen knives.  Even if you love your chef's knife, you will end up grabbing your Santoku for more tasks than you expect! So choose a sharp, excellent quality, long-lasting Santoku knife.  Some of our favorites include the Japanese-made Kikuichi 6.5" Warikomi Elite Gold Santoku Knife, with its ergonomic handle, and the Kikuichi Ice Hardened 6.5" Santoku, with Western-style handle and Ice Hardened Molybdenum blade - both admired by professional chefs for craftsmanship and design.

    Shop our entire Santoku Blade Collection >

  • Why use Magnetic Knife Racks?

    walnut-edge_1You've been seeing those Magnetic Knife Racks everywhere, and you're thinking -  "Why should I use a magnetic knife rack, when I can use the wooden block that I've had forever?" Well, there are a number of good reasons.Let's take a look at how Magnetic Knife Racks stack up against keeping your cutlery in a wooden block, knife sleeves, or in a drawer.

    Hygenic - A magnetic knife rack is far more sanitary than a porous wood block. Bacteria and germs also abound in a kitchen drawer filled with all sorts of cutlery and utensils.

    Safety - Unlike kitchen drawers, wall-mounted knife racks keep cutlery out of the reach of children. They also keep adults from pricking their fingers when reaching into a jumble of cutlery in a drawer.

    Beautiful - Knife Racks display your cutlery in an aesthetically pleasing way, especially for those who proudly keep a nice knife collection.

    Stay Sharp - Magnetic Knife Racks can help protect against the dulling of your blades.  Knives stored loosely in drawers rub against each other and other drawer companions, dulling the blades and possibly damaging both the blades and the handles.

    Stay Clean - Knife sleeves are a pain - you need the correct ones for the right knives, and you need to not only clean your knives but clean the sleeves as well! Magentic Knife Racks afford a one-time clean - of your knife only.

    knife-1Creativity - Sure, they're called "Magnetic Knife Racks", but why not use them creatively? Use them to store your other kitchen tools, such as pie servers, pizza cutters, and spatulas, making them easy to grab while you're cooking away!

    The Proper Moose has created their own unique Magnetic Knife Racks - gorgeous for the kitchen and useful for knife storage and cooking.  Browse our new selection!

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  • Yet another reason we love Castle Forbes...

    ... And why we'd like to get a chance to visit there!

    Yes, they make and sell gorgeously scented perfumes, creamy shaving creams and top quality after-shave balms. But Castle Forbes owners also live a luxuriously peaceful life in a castle in the Scotland Highlands.

    Castle Life: The picturesque castle occupies an estate in Aberdeenshire, and is known for traditional farming, forestry, fishing enterprises, an ancient stone circle, and of course Lady Forbes' Perfumery.


    Fishing: Fishing is available for anyone on the river Don, one of Scotland's premier rivers for brown trout, sea-trout, and salmon.


    Ancient Grounds: A Stone Circle dating from 3000 BC features a natural burial ground.



    View the Castle Forbes collection at The Proper Moose.

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    Why John likes The Proper Moose: 

    "I was really impressed with the line of products you offer.  There just aren't any places in Baltimore to get this kind of stuff so I'm really excited about having found you. I look forward to many future orders!"

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  • Rubis: Designed By A Woman, For Women


    "People want things that aren’t more inflated than they really are... a timeless design that sidesteps all fashionable and short-lived trends. This return to real value is what I consider to be today’s luxury.“  - Fides Baldesberger, Rubis

    "Designed by a woman, for women" (Rubis website), Rubis cosmetic tweezers are considered to be the “best of the best” (Vogue), and the “Ferrari of cosmetic tweezers” (Bobbi Brown).

    The name Rubis is stemmed from the tiny rubies that were inserted with tweezers into watch mechanisms at Rolex and other renowned Swiss watch brands.

    vincenzoRubis uses what is called the visitage process to produce a really perfect tweezers tip. A French word that stems from the Swiss watchmaking industry, visitage denotes the process during which each product receives its finishing touches. This is where the quality is determined. Each Rubis tweezers is inspected individually and by hand - with a vice, fine wooden clamps, tongs, magnifying glass, file, various small hammers - and very experienced eyes which, again and again, precisely inspect the tweezers against the light: To make sure, in the end, that both tips rest perfectly on each other; that the steel transports the pressure of the fingers to the tips; and that they then grab with maximum precision. Something that no machine could accomplish.

    "Making tweezers," says Vincenzo Zagari, a man who oversees this process, "has a touch of Zen."

    Shop Rubis Tweezers at The Proper Moose

    manifakturImages are from the Rubis Website, and are not property of the Proper Moose. Visit the Rubis Website for more information on these remarkable Tweezers.

  • Why "The Proper Moose"?

    An odd name for a website? Perhaps-- particularly one that features a diverse assortment of high quality lifestyle products ranging from fine cutlery to men's and ladies personal grooming items to the world's original folding umbrella. What they have in common is that they are all "Carefully Curated Products for Discerning Ladies and Gentlemen"─and they all have a story to tell.

    So here's the story behind "The Proper Moose."

    Jeff G., the president of the Proper Moose, has had a lifelong love of moose, and in fact at one time had a collection of more than 40 stuffed moose ranging in size and style. Several years ago, he decided to "retire" a majority of his collection by sending them to their retirement home at Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, VT, where they have been residing in the lap of luxury ever since.

    Jeff's favorites, however, remain at the corporate headquarters of The Proper Moose in Newton, MA, and have been the inspiration for the company that Jeff now shares with his co-owner, Janet R. With the help of our personal favorite, Mortimer B. Moose (aka The Proper Moose), we are proud to have curated a collection of the finest lifestyle products from around the world, some with histories dating back more than 700 years.

    "Mort" is always busy searching for the best new (and old) products to add to our collection and he looks forward to your loyal patronage. Here are photos of some of his recent travels as far afield as the Azores.

    Off-on-a-hike Off-on-another-leg-of-the-trip On-the-plane On-the-road Playing-it-very-cool Working-on-his-tan

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