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  • New Arrivals Thursday: Bring a Piece of Japanese History into your Kitchen

    Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, and for a limited time only, The Proper Moose is pleased to offer two special knife sets from Kikuichi--one of the most, if not THE most, respected cutlery manufacturer in Japan. If you want a great deal on kitchen cutlery to add to your personal collection, or have someone on your gift list who does, don't wait to take advantage of these great deals as supplies are limited.


    6.7” Santoku & 5.1” Utility Knife Set plus FREE Kitchen Scissors

    Kikuichi has packaged two of their very popular Warikomi Gold knife models (Santoku and Utility), along with a FREE professional kitchen scissors ($80 retail value), in exquisite gift boxes with sharpening and care instructions.

    The sharpness of the high-quality, hand polished 2-sided blade on both models is easily maintained. Each blade is made of a hard VG-5 (molybdenum) core with a non-stain, high carbon stainless steel outside supporting layer for an extremely sharp edge with the greatest edge retention imaginable. A beautiful mahogany handle has 3 rivets for optimum balance and durability. Unlike most factory made kitchen knives, these knives are finished on a Japanese water stone before leaving the factory for an extremely sharp knife right out-of-the-box.


    About the Kikuichi Brand

    A 700 year old family tradition of unsurpassed craftsmanship, Kikuichi is the ONLY Japanese cutlery manufacturer with the true legacy of a Samurai swordsmith. For most of their long storied history, Kikuichi manufactured Samurai swords that bore the Emperor’s Chrysanthemum symbol (or “Kiku-no-mon”) as a mark of their excellence. Today, that same symbol appears on all of their knives. No one else in Japan is allowed the same privilege. When you purchase any Kikuichi knife, you will own a piece of history and unsurpassed craftsmanship like no other.

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  • New Arrivals Thursday: Unique Gifts for that Special Wine Lover on Your List

    The Proper Moose is pleased to introduce two new products guaranteed to dazzle the wine enthusiast on your holiday gift list: an elegant one-of-a kind corkscrew from the French village of Laguiole, handmade by the same craftsmen who produce our popular authentic Forge de Laguiole folding pocket knives; and a special line of soaps infused with a selection of popular wines whose high anti-oxidant properties and fragrant scents add an aromatic moisturizing boost for your morning wash.

    Forge de Laguiole Corkscrew (Sommelier)

    forge_de_laguiole_juniper_handle_corkscrew_at_maisonlipariHighly prized by wine enthusiasts from around the world, Le Sommelier is quite possibly the most elegant corkscrew you will find anywhere. Its ergonomic design and functionality won it the coveted prize Design Plus award at the Ambiente International Trade Fair (1996) in Frankfurt, Germany. The uncompromising fit and finish make these “pieces of art,” to be cherished and handed down by wine lovers from generation to generation. Although a slightly different design from the folding pocket knife model, they have a distinctive Bee on the spine, a symbol of Laguiole, to ensure their authenticity. Beautifully packaged, Le Sommelier makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or other special occasions for that loved one who deserves only the best.

    Available in: Juniper with Satin Finish and Thuya with Satin Finish.

    Handmade Wine-Infused Soaps


    For those interested in enjoying wine's properties other than its bouquet and taste, the Spindrift Soap Company brings you just the thing--soaps infused with a variety of popular New England wines.

    Why wine? In a search for all natural ingredients to provide a healthy and moisturizing base for his handmade soaps, Spindrift Soap Company founder Colby Field discovered that the anti-oxidant quercetin found in grapes, along with flavanoids, nourishing minerals and vitamins, was just the thing. Released by the soap during use, these ingredients moisturize and soothe even the driest and most sensitive skin, and the wine's natural sugars also create a great lather. To top it off, the natural aromas of the four wines used in the Spindrift soaps in our exclusive collection--Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Grigio--are a treat for the nose as well as the skin.

    Packaged in a box of four 4.2 oz. bars, Spindrift wine soaps make great stocking stuffers for four loved ones, or to give as a set to the wine-loving enthusiast on your gift list.

  • New Arrivals Thursday: Wet Shaving Sets Assembled Exclusively for The Proper Moose

    In our continual search to bring the highest quality products to our discriminating customers at affordable prices, The Proper Moose is pleased to introduce two new wet shaving product sets assembled just for us.

    mens-6-pc-shaving-gift-set-no299hd Men’s 6-pc Shaving Gift Set No.299HD – a Proper Moose Exclusive

    shaving-setMen’s 5-pc Shaving Gift Set No.190HD – a Proper Moose Exclusive

    Just in time for holiday gifting for that special man in your life (or to treat yourself), take the guesswork out of the shopping process and check out our new 5-piece or 6-piece set. Sets include Merkur’s highly regarded 34C HD safety razor, Col. Conk’s best badger hair shaving brush, and their new 100% all-natural shaving soap... an unbeatable collection at an exceptional price.

    For wet shavers looking to upgrade to a higher quality, more stylish razor, brush, and stand, check out our two new 3-piece sets that just arrived from Merkur of Germany. Both sets make an impressive holiday gift for the shaving enthusiast on your list…including you!

    merkur-3-pc-barber-pole-shaving-set Merkur 3-pc Barber Pole Shaving Set No.3881 – Polished Chrome

    merkur-shaving-set-cc782Merkur 3-pc Futur Shaving Set No.782 – Brushed Chrome

    Also perfect for holiday gifting are our Musgo Real Gentleman’s Gift Sets in either Spiced Citrus or Classic Scent.

    musgo_real_spiced_citrus_lg_gift_set_mrbx303 Musgo Real Gentleman's Gift Set - Spiced Citrus

    And if you’d rather buy your shaving products a la carte, shop our fine selection of DE safety razors, brushes, stands, shaving soaps, creams, and aftershave balms from such top quality brand names as Merkur (Germany), Musgo Real (Portugal), Castle Forbes (Scotland), Logona Mann (Germany), Col. Conk (U.S) and Taylor of Old Bond Street (England).

    Don’t forget—we offer fast, FREE ground shipping on all our products and customer service that is second to none!

  • New Arrivals Thursdays: Steak Knife Sets from Alain Saint-Joanis

    My doorbell just rang, and I nearly ran to the door to be greeted by a box of our new Steak Knife Sets from Alain Saint-Joanis!


    We're loving New Arrival Days here at The Proper Moose.  We carefully selected beautifully crafted tools and products from around the world, and now just wait for them to come to our doorstep to share with you.

    We absolutely loved this gorgeous 6 piece steak knife set from the first moment we laid eyes on it. The beautiful olive wood handles compliment the all stainless steel non-serrated blades. The blades themselves are high carbon and razor sharp, with excellent edge retention. The blades fit perfectly into the olive wood handles, beautifully designed as a long clean line.

    Alain Saint Joanis-930-6pc-steak-knife-set-olive-wood-handle_close up thumbnail image

    knife-set1Not only are the knives beautiful, but they arrive in a simple high quality beech wood box - wonderful for storage but also for giving this steak knife set as a gift. A fine knife set is a lovely gift idea for many occasions - it makes a perfect wedding gift, holiday gift, or corporate gift for a valued employee or retiree.

    We've been fans of Alain Saint-Joanis of France for some time, and this is our first product from their line. Family owned, the cutlery company has passed the torch down through the generations from father to son since 1876. They are members of the prestigious Atelier d’Art de France, a federation of craft professionals, and their craftsmanship is highly regarded across the world.

    Take a closer look at our new Exquisite French 6pc Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set: click to view this set.



  • New Favorites from Beloved Brands

    Sneak Peek:

    New Favorites from Beloved Brands

    We're stocking our shop with new inventory - here's a sneak peek at what's coming!
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    5 Piece Shaving Set

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    Kikuichi Warikomi Gold Santoku
    Kikuichi Warikomi Gold Santoku
    Now Available:
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    Fix It Tool Kit
    Fix It Tool Kit
    Now Available:
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    Forge de Laguiole
    Coming Soon
    Wallet Pen
    Coming Soon

    Opinel 3 Color Gardener's Set
    Now Available:
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    Kikuichi 2 Piece Knife Set
    Kikuichi 2 Piece Knife Set
    Now Available:
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    Opinel Folding Oyster Knife
    Opinel Folding Oyster Knife
    Now Available:
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    Eyebrow Tweezers with LED Light
    Now Available
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    6 Piece Steak Knife Set
    Coming Soon

  • Calling All Wet Shaving Enthusiasts!

    At The Proper Moose, we take great pride in the quality and selection of products we offer for the wet shaving enthusiast.

    As the holidays approach, we want to make you aware of the range of shaving items we offer, including some of the finest shaving creams, aftershave balms, razorsbrushes, and a special beard balm. And check out our shaving sets that offer significant discounts on some of our most popular items...and shaving scuttles that are as beautiful to look at as they are practical to use.

    Some of our vendors, particularly some in Europe, have told us that inventories may be limited as the holiday buying season approaches, so we encourage you to shop early for any personal or gift purchases you may be considering.

    Ultimate Shaving Set

    The Ultimate Shaving Set, featuring items from Castle Forbes & Taylor of Old Bond Street. Available in Lime, Lavender, and Cedarwood/Sandalwood.

    Click here to shop our full shaving collection!

  • Yet another reason we love Castle Forbes...

    ... And why we'd like to get a chance to visit there!

    Yes, they make and sell gorgeously scented perfumes, creamy shaving creams and top quality after-shave balms. But Castle Forbes owners also live a luxuriously peaceful life in a castle in the Scotland Highlands.

    Castle Life: The picturesque castle occupies an estate in Aberdeenshire, and is known for traditional farming, forestry, fishing enterprises, an ancient stone circle, and of course Lady Forbes' Perfumery.


    Fishing: Fishing is available for anyone on the river Don, one of Scotland's premier rivers for brown trout, sea-trout, and salmon.


    Ancient Grounds: A Stone Circle dating from 3000 BC features a natural burial ground.



    View the Castle Forbes collection at The Proper Moose.

  • Knirps: They Invented it!

    Knirps, the makers of our super strong umbrellas, have been manufacturing umbrellas for 85 years in Germany.  Not only do their umbrellas feature fashion prints, fresh colors, and unsurpassed quality, but the company invented the folding umbrella!

    In 1928, innovative engineer Hans Haupt had trouble carrying both a walking stick and an umbrella, due to a war injury.  His solution was the first umbrella with a telescopic frame - the folding umbrella!  This tiny umbrella fit nicely in his pocket for rainy weather, while his other hand rested on his walking stick.  He called his small new invention his "tiny tot" - a young child - and "Knirps" means "tot" in German.

    This unique innovation launched a new era for umbrellas, for fashion, and for convenience.  Innovation continues today, as Knirps works to invent smaller and smaller "tots" - tiny umbrellas.

    The word Knirps actually means “little one” in German, and ever since the company invented the folding umbrella in 1928, it has set the worldwide standard for designing umbrellas that are not only “little,” but fashionable and durable as well.

    Shop our Knirps collection ->

  • It’s Not Just a Name: Castle Forbes

    Did you know that Castle Forbes, maker of some of our favorite shaving creams and aftershave balms, actually manufactures their products at a Scottish castle?

    While the historical Scottish estate was already the site of a Forbes family home, the current Scottish castle, Castle Forbes, was built in 1815.  The castle is now occupied by the 23rd Lord Forbes and his wife Jinny, whose passion for scents and essential oils turned into a full-fledged world-reknowned business.  The former dairy building behind the castle was converted into a perfumery, where Lady Forbes and family friend Andrew French have developed and marketed their range of exclusive fragrances and shaving products for men.

    Most manufacturers – especially makers of shaving products – obtain their scents externally before using them in the manufacturing process.  It is rare and special that Castle Forbes not only makes their scents in-house (or rather, in-castle), but combines them with their own products, resulting in wonderfully scented, truly valuable shaving creams and balms.

    Shop our line of Castle Forbes Products ->

  • Kikuichi - the Samurai Story

    One of our favorite brands is Kikuichi, the Japanese cutlery experts.  Not only are they fantastically crafted, razor sharp, and a beautiful addition to anyone's kitchen, they have an interesting back story, dating back 700 years.

    Kikuichi knives may not be well known in the US, but the company is highly regarded in Japan, where they have been creating perfectly sharp edges for 700 years.  The same family that runs Kikuichi today started in the business of swordsmithery, forging some of the finest quality samurai swords in Japan. When Japan's Meiji revolution of modernity forbade sword making, the family tradition was forced to shift - ever so slightly - from swords to cutlery. Though their product line changed, their traditions of crafting wood and steel stayed the same, creating unique, extremely sharp cutlery blades.

    Each Kikuichi knife is a work of art, featuring hand-forged carbon steel blades and carefully detailed construction. Today's blades are widely regarded as surpassing even the most expensive custom knives in performance and quality.  We've tried them all here at, and our own kitchens are stocked with Kikuichi knives. We highly recommend these beautiful knives for all your cutlery needs.

    Shop our Kikuichi Collection >


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