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Choosing the Right Tweezers: So Many Options!

If you've browsed through our tweezers selection lately (including our latest additions from Alpen), you may be overwhelmed by the many options you have for your tweezing needs. How to choose?

All of the tweezers sold by The Proper Moose are part of our collection because they meet our highest standards for quality, fit, and finish, and will stand up to the most important qualifications: the test of time and your specific uses. Here are some "tips" (pun intended!) to guide you through the selection process.


Pointed Tip Tweezers


Pointed tweezers require a cautionary note. Unless you’re someone who is very comfortable with this type of tweezers, you probably shouldn’t use them. The tips on these tweezers are really sharp so they can isolate specific hairs, handle a single or very short hair, small or very fine hair, or even an ingrown one.

Slanted Tip Tweezers


Slanted tweezers offer the best of all worlds: the precision of a pointed tweezers and the "search and pluck" advantages of a straight tweezers. This is the most versatile style: you get true precision as you reach for a specific hair or a splinter, and with a slight adjustment to the hand, can use the straight edge to capture stray hairs (e.g., around the chin area) or several hairs at once. Compared to a pointed tip, with a slant tip you get more speed with just a little less accuracy.

Combination Slant/Point Tip Tweezers


This is your ideal splinter tweezers. It’s not as pointed at the end as the pointed tweezers, but it is sharp enough to open the skin, and the flat edge lets you grab the splinter and remove it.


You'll want to consider not only the tip of your tweezers, but you also the grip or feel (e.g., for those with arthritis). For example, the handle of one pair of tweezers we offer has perforations, while another pair has a ball at the end to prevent your grip from slipping. Both of these features will provide a more secure, precise control of this grooming implement.


When choosing an implement of this type, typical tweezers sold in drugstores are not up to the task and will definitely not give you the quality and precision that one would expect for such a personal grooming task. You can have confidence that when you purchase a pair of tweezers from The Proper Moose, you are always buying the best quality at a reasonable price, for years of satisfaction.

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