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Is your wallet giving you a pain in the butt?

Calling all guys who still carry their wallets in their back pants pocket.... If that's you, here's some research that may cause you to reconsider.  

In addition to inviting pickpocketers to relieve you of your valuables, there's been medical research to indicate that carrying a wallet in your back pocket can hurt your posture and may actually be contributing to back, leg, neck and shoulder pain.

Here's the reason....

Sitting on your wallet while in a chair or while driving, particularly for long stretches, causes one side of the butt to ride higher than the other. This "bump on your rump" results in a twist of the pelvis that causes misalignment of the spine,  compressing the sciatic nerve that runs down each side of the spine through the back of each thigh to the foot. 


Compression of the nerve can cause chronic, searing leg pain and numbness called sciatica.  Such pressure can also aggravate the piriformis muscle in the buttocks, irritating the sciatic nerve and triggering lower back pain and possible numbness in the foot, lower leg, and ankle. (Is this starting to sound familiar?) The condition is becoming so common that it has even been given its own name – hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy.


What's the solution? Consider carrying your wallet in your front pants pocket. 


At The Proper Moose, our continuing search for one-of-a-kind products that meet a specific need for our customers led us to Rogue Industries of Lewiston, Maine, and their patented Front Pocket Wallets.  Uniquely-shaped to fit comfortably in a man's front pants pocket (see image above), this slim, lightweight bifold wallet is great for preventing nagging back pain, often caused simply by sitting on a wallet stuffed in the back pocket.


There are hundreds of wallets on the market to choose from, but only the Made In Maine Front Pocket Wallet is designed to fit like, and where, a wallet should. Available from The Proper Moose in five distinct leathers:  black, bourbon brown, bison, and genuine NFL football and baseball glove leathers.



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