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It’s Not Just a Name: Castle Forbes

Did you know that Castle Forbes, maker of some of our favorite shaving creams and aftershave balms, actually manufactures their products at a Scottish castle?

While the historical Scottish estate was already the site of a Forbes family home, the current Scottish castle, Castle Forbes, was built in 1815.  The castle is now occupied by the 23rd Lord Forbes and his wife Jinny, whose passion for scents and essential oils turned into a full-fledged world-reknowned business.  The former dairy building behind the castle was converted into a perfumery, where Lady Forbes and family friend Andrew French have developed and marketed their range of exclusive fragrances and shaving products for men.

Most manufacturers – especially makers of shaving products – obtain their scents externally before using them in the manufacturing process.  It is rare and special that Castle Forbes not only makes their scents in-house (or rather, in-castle), but combines them with their own products, resulting in wonderfully scented, truly valuable shaving creams and balms.

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