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Kikuichi - the Samurai Story

One of our favorite brands is Kikuichi, the Japanese cutlery experts.  Not only are they fantastically crafted, razor sharp, and a beautiful addition to anyone's kitchen, they have an interesting back story, dating back 700 years.

Kikuichi knives may not be well known in the US, but the company is highly regarded in Japan, where they have been creating perfectly sharp edges for 700 years.  The same family that runs Kikuichi today started in the business of swordsmithery, forging some of the finest quality samurai swords in Japan. When Japan's Meiji revolution of modernity forbade sword making, the family tradition was forced to shift - ever so slightly - from swords to cutlery. Though their product line changed, their traditions of crafting wood and steel stayed the same, creating unique, extremely sharp cutlery blades.

Each Kikuichi knife is a work of art, featuring hand-forged carbon steel blades and carefully detailed construction. Today's blades are widely regarded as surpassing even the most expensive custom knives in performance and quality.  We've tried them all here at, and our own kitchens are stocked with Kikuichi knives. We highly recommend these beautiful knives for all your cutlery needs.

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