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Rubis: Designed By A Woman, For Women


"People want things that aren’t more inflated than they really are... a timeless design that sidesteps all fashionable and short-lived trends. This return to real value is what I consider to be today’s luxury.“  - Fides Baldesberger, Rubis

"Designed by a woman, for women" (Rubis website), Rubis cosmetic tweezers are considered to be the “best of the best” (Vogue), and the “Ferrari of cosmetic tweezers” (Bobbi Brown).

The name Rubis is stemmed from the tiny rubies that were inserted with tweezers into watch mechanisms at Rolex and other renowned Swiss watch brands.

vincenzoRubis uses what is called the visitage process to produce a really perfect tweezers tip. A French word that stems from the Swiss watchmaking industry, visitage denotes the process during which each product receives its finishing touches. This is where the quality is determined. Each Rubis tweezers is inspected individually and by hand - with a vice, fine wooden clamps, tongs, magnifying glass, file, various small hammers - and very experienced eyes which, again and again, precisely inspect the tweezers against the light: To make sure, in the end, that both tips rest perfectly on each other; that the steel transports the pressure of the fingers to the tips; and that they then grab with maximum precision. Something that no machine could accomplish.

"Making tweezers," says Vincenzo Zagari, a man who oversees this process, "has a touch of Zen."

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manifakturImages are from the Rubis Website, and are not property of the Proper Moose. Visit the Rubis Website for more information on these remarkable Tweezers.


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