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I recently purchased a men's Merkur 180 Classic Style Double Edge Safety Razor from The Proper Moose... but... I'm not a man. Was it a gift for a father, a friend? Nope! Why purchase a razor that is promoted singularly as a razor for men's beards and whiskers?

I was curious - how would this razor shape up against the multitude of women's razors available in every pharmacy and grocery aisle across the country? The answer: extremely, extraordinarily well.

Here are the top 4 reasons that women should switch from their usual brand of throw-away razor to a Safety Razor like mine:

#1 Smooth Shave

Smooth Shave with Safety Razor

The most important reason to ever choose a product: because it works the best. I was very pleased with the precise, clean shave of the safety razor. First, get past your squeamishness about that sharp blade. Yes, I was overly cautious when I first removed the razor from the package and securely fastened it into my safety razor. But once the blade was in place, I could tell that it was indeed "safe" and secure, and just the same as any plastic Bic blade - except protected by metal, even better!

Apply shaving cream to legs and shave - again, I was cautious at first, but soon found myself shaving normally. The sharp blade is great for quickly removing hair, and the double-sided feature meant I could less frequently clean off the razor as I shaved. And strangely - I didn't expect this - the cool metal felt great against my skin - pretty soothing, honestly! After I rinsed & dried, I inspected my leg to find a nice, smooth shave.

#2 Cost

That nice, smooth shave continued... and continued... I didn't have to replace the blade for a month! 10 packs of these blades are $8.75 at The Proper Moose website, so let's do a little math. The Merkur 180 Classic Style Double Edge Safety Razor is $36.95 - the initial Big Bad cost of this switchover. Plus $8.75 for razor blades, and I was out $45.70 on this safety razor challenge. However, that is for TEN MONTHS.

My old favorite was the Schick Intuition Razor - one of those razors that comes with Shave Gel. Each Razor is approximately $12.99 (fine) but where, they get you is the cartridges, which are $23.99 for 6, about $4 each. Also, because the razors are reliant on the shaving cream cartridges, you use them much more quickly. I went through about 2 x month, so over the course of ten months = $80!


The Math:

  • Safety Razor, razor blades, general shaving cream = approx. $60 for ten months
  • Schick Intuition razor and cartridges = approx. $92.99

Fairly comparable, not a big change. But check out the next ten months:

  • Just razor blades, general shaving cream = $28.75
  • Just Schick cartridges = another $80

Lifetime savings on shaving with a Safety Razor are big! Now if I saved that money... all the things I could do...

#3 Environment

If you're a human being on this Earth - whether you're super eco-friendly or don't pay that much attention - you KNOW that creating less waste is a good thing. Nottossing out a hundred plastic razors, cartridges, and especially the big plastic razors feels very good indeed.

#4 Ease

​Less shopping, less stops at the pharmacy, less running out to the store on the morning of Beach Day. You can order the replacement blades from the Proper Moose and they'll take up very little room in your bathroom cupboard, and last so long that replacement is rare and never a rush. The only thing you'll need to replace is your shaving cream, but that's rather nice, because you can try different brands for different moods & seasons. My current favorite is EOS Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream - highly recommended! Although the next one I want to try is Castle Forbes Lime Shaving Cream.

​If my 4 reasons don't convince you, you'll just have to try a safety razor for yourself! Don't let the big plastic razor companies pull you in with all those pretty colors, a simple Safety Razor is the best, cheapest, most environmentally friendly, convenient solution for shaving a woman's legs!

From Contributor and Proper Moose Customer Emma W.

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