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When is a Granton® Edge (blade) not a Granton Edge?

 "Often copied, but never duplicated," with roots dating back to 1601, authentic Granton® Edge knives are made exclusively in Sheffield, England by the Granton Knives Company and were first introduced to the American market by in 1925.Granton_Edge_10_inch_Beef_Slicer_sku_24650.png

True Granton edge

First patented in 1928, this innovative edge consists of scallops (dimples) carved by hand into both sides of the blade all the way down to the cutting edge. This gives you the keenness of a hollow ground razor coupled with the strength of an ordinary knife. While there is some truth to the fact that these scallops give the blade a non-stick quality, the real intent of the design was to allow for a much thinner cutting edge without reducing the integrity (rigidity) of the blade. Almost every major knife manufacturer has attempted to copy the design and have even tried to use the Granton name to describe their copies, but true Granton® Edge knives only come from the factory in Sheffield, England.

(Imitation granton knives have machined scallops that stop just above the edge like this one)Non-genuine Granton edge knife






At The Proper Moose, all our Granton Edge knives come directly from England and you can be assured that they all have the genuine Granton Edge. They are also made of a high carbon stainless steel that ensures the benefit in appearance of stainless, coupled with the hardness and edge retention provided by the carbon content. And when the edge does need refinishing, it can be done using a sharpening steel.

Our Granton collection includes slicer knives (including the beef slicer that was Julia Child's favorite carving knife), paring, utility, and santoku knives. Add to your knife collection with a genuine Granton Edge knife from The Proper Moose and you'll have a favorite knife for life!


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