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Why use Magnetic Knife Racks?

walnut-edge_1You've been seeing those Magnetic Knife Racks everywhere, and you're thinking -  "Why should I use a magnetic knife rack, when I can use the wooden block that I've had forever?" Well, there are a number of good reasons.Let's take a look at how Magnetic Knife Racks stack up against keeping your cutlery in a wooden block, knife sleeves, or in a drawer.

Hygenic - A magnetic knife rack is far more sanitary than a porous wood block. Bacteria and germs also abound in a kitchen drawer filled with all sorts of cutlery and utensils.

Safety - Unlike kitchen drawers, wall-mounted knife racks keep cutlery out of the reach of children. They also keep adults from pricking their fingers when reaching into a jumble of cutlery in a drawer.

Beautiful - Knife Racks display your cutlery in an aesthetically pleasing way, especially for those who proudly keep a nice knife collection.

Stay Sharp - Magnetic Knife Racks can help protect against the dulling of your blades.  Knives stored loosely in drawers rub against each other and other drawer companions, dulling the blades and possibly damaging both the blades and the handles.

Stay Clean - Knife sleeves are a pain - you need the correct ones for the right knives, and you need to not only clean your knives but clean the sleeves as well! Magentic Knife Racks afford a one-time clean - of your knife only.

knife-1Creativity - Sure, they're called "Magnetic Knife Racks", but why not use them creatively? Use them to store your other kitchen tools, such as pie servers, pizza cutters, and spatulas, making them easy to grab while you're cooking away!

The Proper Moose has created their own unique Magnetic Knife Racks - gorgeous for the kitchen and useful for knife storage and cooking.  Browse our new selection!

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