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Sharpening Services

The Proper Moose carries several products for professional and home chefs to keep their kitchen knives sharp and ready to cut their best. Click here to view our collection of sharpening steels.


While The Proper Moose no longer offers sharpening services, we are proud to recommend Formed in 2008, On the Edge Knife Sharpening specializes in hand sharpening of kitchen knives (serrated and straight edge, as well as Japanese knives), scissors (including utility scissors), garden tools, hunting knives, dog grooming shears and other pet grooming tools, sheep shears, and other edges.


Our recommendation of this company is based on our continuing commitment to offer unparalleled service to our customers. We set out to locate a company in eastern Massachusetts who had built their reputation for expert sharpening (only by hand, no grinding wheels) in a way that was second to none, as well as being totally committed to the highest standards of customer service and building customer relationships. A company that simply did the work first and foremost for the love of it, putting profits and accolades second.


As a result of this long search, we have concluded that On the Edge Knife Sharpening, and its owner Patti Small, was the right company for us to recommend to our customers. This is consistent with one of our most cherished core values:  providing the best customer care.  In addition, Patti will not try to sell you products; she will just service the ones you already have.  That tells you that her focus is always in the right place.


For further confirmation, we invite you to read some of the testimonials and reviews posted at, where you will also find information on pricing and on-site sharpening locations at multiple farmers markets and retail locations throughout eastern Massachusetts. 


You may also contact Patti by email ( or phone (857-205-7928).  And if you happen to get her voicemail, surprise, she will return your call promptly.