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Zieba Knives

Winner of the Best New Maker Award at Blade Show 2016

Mike Zieba (pictured on far left, with Proper Moose owner Jeff Grossman) has a custom metal fabrication and knife making business in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, NY.

Born in Rzeszow, Poland, Mike Zieba grew up in Poland and Germany and came to the United States at the age of 18, living first in Bay Ridge, NY, where he worked for years as a carpenter and became an American citizen. Eventually, he developed an interest in the business of custom knife fabrication which he learned from watching online videos to test his skills and techniques.

As Mike noted in a recent interview with NYCEDC, "As a craftsman, every day is a challenge. You want to do more and more, you want to improve. Today, you have to do things that are impossible with a machine, and as good as a machine, even better. I know so many people whose products look cool, but they fall apart.” Zieba's knives, on the other hand, are not only hardy but also true works of art. Many are embellished with a delicate feather, since the name Zieba means "finch" in English.

Producing a long-lasting, quality product is very important to Mike, including building lasting relationships with his suppliers. He sources his steel from Upstate New York, and other materials from people in Brooklyn. As Mike noted, "We know each other. We're all like family. That's how it should be."

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