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Super Badger Shaving Brush - w/Stand - XL Handle

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Super Badger is an excellent quality of pure badger hair which is normally regarded as the benchmark standard for men’s shaving brushes.  It is generally darker in color although the colors of individual hairs vary from grey and brown to black.  When used with a good quality shaving cream or soap, this quality creates a luxurious lather far superior to that resulting from the use of a bristle brush.

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Product Description

Super Badger is the finer hair from the back of the badger.  It is longer and softer than ‘best’ badger and, because it is finer, requires more hairs to fill a brush.  Visually, the badger bundle (of hair) displays a distinctive black band capped with pure white tips and is presented in a natural fan shape, using the natural hair ends to create the shape and softness of the brush.  The hairs are not trimmed to create the overall badger bundle shape (a time saving method often employed by other manufacturers).

Super Badger Hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the very best shaving brushes.  Badger hair is quality graded according to the appearance and softness of the hairs.


  • Handmade the traditional way by highly skilled artisans using approximately 14,000 individual hairs
  • Imitation horn handle fits comfortably in your hand
  • Large drip stand to safely and securely store the brush when not in use
  • Overall brush height – 4”
  • Ex-Large handle measures 1 5/8”

Why use badger hair?

Badger hair is different from many types of fur.  Like human hair, it absorbs water, making it perfect for shaving brushes.  The lathering process whips hot water, soap (or cream) and air into a warm foam that cleanses the skin and lubricates the path of the razor (straight or double-edge).  Water is the key element in a good shave and the more a brush can hold, the better the lather and shave will be.  The fine tips of the hairs help to make a smooth and creamy lather and the exceptional softness of badger hair cleanses the face gently, giving a comfortable and reliable shave.

How to Care for A Badger Shaving Brush

A badger hair brush is a natural product that with good care should last ten to fifteen years.  When you receive a new brush it is quite natural for a few loose hairs to come away from the brush in the first few weeks; these are shorter hairs that did not quite reach to the glue in the base and this should not be a cause for any concern.

Wet your brush thoroughly before use, dip the tip of the brush into the shaving cream or soap (or apply the cream to your face with your fingers) and lather gently using a light circular or up and down motion; when applying the shaving cream or soap do not apply too much pressure, as this will cause the badger hair to splay.

After shaving, rinse the brush gently but thoroughly in clean water, then flick the excess water away and place the brush in a stand with the hair pointing down.  If you do not have a stand, leave the brush pointing up rather than horizontal so that air can get to all the hairs and dry the brush naturally.

Natural hair left wet can develop mildew; try to avoid enclosing the wet brush in too small an enclosed space.  If your brush becomes affected by mildew or a build-up of soap or cream, soak it in a solution of Borax (which can be purchased at your local pharmacy).

Additional Info

Additional Info

Blade Length No
Scent No
Brand No
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Color Mixed


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